July 22, 2024 7:22 am
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All The Voting Information You Need To Know For The February Primary


Staff Writer   

In April, Wisconsinites will have the opportunity to elect a new state supreme court justice which will have a drastic impact on the future of abortion rights, redistricting, and many other issues in the state. Currently, the court is made up of four conservative and three liberal justices, so with conservative Justice Patience Roggensack stepping away from the court, Wisconsin voters have the power to choose the future of the court’s majority. 

Currently, candidates for the seat include conservatives Jennifer Dorow and Daniel Kelly and liberals Janet Claire Protasiewicz and Everett Kelly. 

The Spring Primary Election will be held on February 21, 2023. The top two candidates from the February election will advance to the April general election. The winner of the April election will go on to serve on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. 

Aside from the State Supreme Court election, voters across the state may have the opportunity to narrow down candidates for spring mayoral, state assembly, and city council elections.  


The last day to register to vote by mail or online was February 1, but there is still time to register before election day. You can register to vote at your Municipal Clerk’s Office anytime before February 17 at 5PM. And, fortunately, Wisconsin offers same day voter registration, so you may register to vote at your polling place on election day. 


January 31 was the deadline for Municipal Clerks to send ballots to voters who had previously requested an absentee ballot. If you have not received your ballot, it may be time to reach out to your municipal clerk for more information. 

The following are upcoming absentee ballot request deadlines: 

  • From February 7 – February 23, active, regular voters can go to their municipal clerk office to vote absentee in-person. Municipal clerk office hours vary by office, so please make sure to check their hours or contact your municipal clerk for more information. 
  • From February 14 – February 21, hospitalized voters may request an absentee ballot. 
  • February 16 is the deadline for active, regular voters to register to request an absentee ballot.
  • February 17 is the deadline for indefinitely confined or military personnel (not away from home) to request an absentee ballot. 
  • February 21 is the deadline for hospitalized voters to request an absentee ballot be brought to them. 
  • February 21 is the deadline for military personnel (away from home) to request an absentee ballot. 

All absentee ballots must be returned by mail or delivery to your municipal clerk by February 21 at 8PM. 

To learn more about where to vote and what is on your ballot go to myvote.wi.gov.