April 23, 2024 1:29 am
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Fall Hiking Season Is Back, Baby

Credit: iStock

Anzhe Zhang

There’s no better way to wind down from the festivities of summer than by exploring Wisconsin’s serene and untroubled hiking trails. As fall foliage season takes hold, there’s a hiking trail for everyone when it comes to surveying the harvest season in the state, whether you’re a beginner or a hardened veteran.

For beginners or those with families, the Hiawatha-Bearskin Trail is a good option as the 32-mile path is mostly flat and features beautiful sceneries of creeks, lakes, and trees that are sure to delight.

For those looking for a shorter path, the two-mile-long Sentinel Trail at the Peninsula State Park is good for those with pets, while the Green Tree Loop at the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center is six miles long and presides over Lake Michigan.

For moderate hikers looking for something more intensive and steep, Timms HIll County Park, the Burkhardt Trail at Willow River State Park, and the Old Settlers Trailer at Wildcat Mountain State Park offer a slightly tougher climb and better views, such as the refreshing Willow Falls.

Finally, the Perrot Ridge Trail, Morgan Falls, and the Wildcat & Norway Pine Trails at Black River State Forest are great options for those who have the hiking experience and are looking for adventure in more rugged and difficult terrains. Needless to say, the autumn scenery in these trails is nothing short of breathtaking, if not only because of how tough they are.

Gov. Tony Evers warns of possible legal action on PFAS funding

Three Democratic lawmakers on Wisconsin’s budget committee sat waiting in the state Capitol at 9:30 Tuesday morning — the start time for a special meeting called by Gov. Tony Evers to discuss the release of funds to combat PFAS and support hospitals in western Wisconsin.

WI utilities make union jobs a priority for green projects

With the help of federal aid, Wisconsin is catching up to neighboring states in accelerating clean energy construction projects and the Badger State is taking things a step further by giving union workers greater access to these job opportunities.