May 23, 2024 7:28 am
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The Bubbler at Madison Public Library Installs Artists at All Nine Library Locations for Summer

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According to a city press release

The Bubbler at Madison Public Library is working with nine local Madison artists to create programming for kids and families at each Madison Public Library location during the summer. Artists will host one program a week in the library, as well as engage with community events happening in the surrounding neighborhood.

“The Bubbler is about connecting artists to the community, so in pairing each artist with a library we hope to continue building long-term relationships with each neighborhood and the people who live there,” said Youth Services Librarian Rebecca Millerjohn. “We wanted to place artists in neighborhoods that they already felt connected to either through current relationships or – for some artists – that they even grew up going to. A longer residency will allow them to build those relationships in the neighborhood.”

The artists selected for Bubbler in the Neighborhood this year include:

  • Alexis Dean Jr at Meadowridge Library
  • Maria Schirmer Devitt at Goodman South Madison Library
  • Angela Johnson at Pinney Library
  • Mike Lroy at Lakeview Library
  • Kailea Saplan at Sequoya Library
  • Ciara Nash at Hawthorne Library
  • Madison Weist at Monroe Street Library
  • And more, with representation at Alicia Ashman and Central Libraries, as well!

Read each artist’s full bio online here: 

Programs will take place from June through August – artists will collaborate with their neighborhood library and community to inform and impact the programs they offer. At Meadowridge, for example, Hip-Hop artist, poet, educator and long-time friend of Madison Public Library Alexis Dean will be the artist-in-residence.

“We really wanted to focus on programs that are healing, joyful, and low-pressure– moving away from academic benchmarks and toward self-expression, community building, and FUN,” said Youth Librarian Athnie McMillan-Comeaux. “I think having Mr. Alexis here will be the perfect way to accomplish that. His unique approach to teaching kids about poetry makes the art form accessible and gives youth opportunities to express themselves freely in the way that works best for them.”

“Mr. Alexis” plans to host a series of programs called Poetry is for Everyone where he will guide attendees in telling their own story and sharing it with others.

“Since moving to Madison, the Madison Public Libraries have been a joyous space for me as a community member, volunteer, and artist. In times when I didn’t know where a safe space was for me in the city, the library felt like home. It’s important to continue to show children that the library can be fun and educational. But, also welcoming,” said Dean. “I believe art programs can connect all of us in a very special way, and help our libraries continue to evolve.”

See other artist-led Bubbler in the Neighborhood programs planned for summer at: 

About the Bubbler at Madison Public Library

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