July 22, 2024 9:05 am
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Tim Michels Abortion Views Under Question

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Staff Writer

In 2004, while running for Senate, Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Tim Michels filled out a questionnaire for “Pro-Life PAC”, a group that supported 100% pro-life candidates. While Michels has continued to be vocal about his pro-life stance, the survey revealed the extremity of his beliefs. 

[ProLifePAC.org, via Wayback Machine, Captured 9/26/22 ]

The questionnaire confirmed that Michels believes abortion should be banned with no exceptions, including for the life of the mother; a position he has recently backed away from. He also supported the “Human Life Amendment” which would have banned abortion nationwide and give fertilized eggs due process protections provided by the 14th amendment. This measure could potentially make IUDs and the morning after pill illegal. Additionally, it would have threatened the legality of IVF, a form of assisted reproductive technology. 

Furthermore, the survey confirmed Michels does not support government funding for contraceptives meaning that individuals with Medicaid would not have access to birth control. 

During his gubernatorial campaign, Michels stated “I am against abortion, I am not against contraception.” While Michels does support Wisconsin’s statewide abortion ban, he has yet to say whether he would veto legislation that banned Plan B or other contraceptives.