February 20, 2024 11:51 pm
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National News

Wisconsin’s Nonfarm Jobs Reach Record High in December


The December 2023 jobs report was released by the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, and it was yet another strong month for the Badger State. For the second consecutive month, Wisconsin’s nonfarm jobs reached a record high. The total number of nonfarm jobs reached 3,026,500 last December, an increase of 4,800 jobs over the previous month and 42,700 jobs over the last year. 

Unemployment also held steady for the second month in a row, remaining at 3.3 percent. The state labor force participation rate reached 65.9 percent, outpacing the national labor force participation rate of 62.5 percent in December. 

Private sector jobs increased by 34,400 over the year, while the healthcare and social assistance sector added 12,400 over the year. The construction sector also saw gains of 5,200 over the year. 

For more details, the full report from the Department of Workforce Development can be found here

Wisconsin bill would limit local control over animal welfare

A Republican bill would bar local governments from implementing stricter rules than the state already imposes regarding animal welfare, the administration of medications and vaccinations and how animals are used at or after they leave a farm or facility.

How soon should you expect new legislative maps?

The shapes of Wisconsin’s legislative districts for this year’s election are now in the hands of the Wisconsin Supreme Court and its highly paid outside consultants — a decision almost certain to reduce GOP power in the Legislature.